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Participate in online simulations and help the scientific community to design innovative policies. In return, you will receive a fix payment of 5 euros plus another payment based on your result.

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It is an online game designed by an organization that aims to test how a strategy works before implementing it in the real world. Volunteers participate anonymously.



They can play from any computer, tablet or mobile phone. It is free and intuitive. Participants make decisions for a few minutes and at the end they receive a payment of 5 euros plus a variable for their result.



Check available simulations. They run our very quickly. If you want to be notified then opening new simulations you can follow Miria onInstagram, Facebook y Twitter  where new simulations are posted in real time.


Available simulations

The bold number indicates the average payment each participant will get for participating



All profiles

  • Residents in Spain
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Minimum payment: 5€



All profiles

  • Residents in Spain or Czech Rep
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Minimum payment: 5€



All profiles

  • Residents in Italy and Denmark
  • Duration: 10 minutes
  • Minimun payment: 5€
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10 Frequent Asked Questions

Check the answers to others’ participants questions

What is a simulation?

It is an online game. Participants take anonimous decisions and get a payment according to their results (5 euros guaranteed + a variable ammount depending on their choices). Simulations are designed by european institutions willing to test their strategies before implementation. You can check who creates our simulations at the available simulations area

What do I need to do?

Playing the simulation consist of volunteers making decisions for a few minutes from a device with an internet connection (computer, tablet or mobile phone). At the end of the simulation the participants receive their payment.

Will I always get a payment?

Yes. All participants who complete the simulations are guaranteed a payment for their participation.

What do I need to participate?

A device that has an Internet connection. In case you need a particular device it will be specified in the simulation description.

Do I need to know anything?

No, prior knowledge is not required. At the beginning of the simulation you will receive the rules of the game. From that moment on you will make the decisions that you consider appropriate, always anonymously. There is no right answer, you just have to be yourself. However, the payment you receive will depend on the outcome of your decisions and those of the other participants.

Who can participate?

Generally everyone can participate. However, sometimes the simulation needs a specific profile. You can see the profile of the required participant in the description of the simulation. There are simulations for all profiles. 

Where can I find new simulations?

In our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profiles. There we will publish the new simulations. If your profile does not support a specific simulation, do not worry, it will most likely be in the next simulation.

Is it free to participate?

Yes, its free. There is no cost of any kind either to reserve the place or to receive payment. Even if you don’t have a good result you will receive the minimum payment of 5 euros.

How do I receive the payment?

To make remote payments we use Paypal, a secure, free and simple platform. You can use your own account or whoever you want. You can create an account for free here.

Is it 100% anonymous?

Yes, your decisions are anonymous because they will never be linked to your identity. The only data we need is essential to create your profile, see that it is compatible with the simulation and email of your Paypal account to manage the payment when you finish. This data is protected by our privacy policy and will never be disclosed to third parties.